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Links 1 through 10 of 73 by zo ta tagged conspiracy

Wait.  Just...  WAIT.  

Mark Lane, the primary "grassy knoll" conspiracy theorist was the lawyer for the People's Temple? And he's the lawyer for Gerald "Case Closed" Posner? 

And concludes by telling the journalists interviewing him that the CIA have disinformation agents posing as reasonable media figures?

That is some magic bullet shit right there. 

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Wait, wait, wait.  Gerald Posner's lawyer is Mark Lane? But... why...   how is that...  


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Conspiracy #1 is already proven (see Atlantic, AUG 4 2010 "Bizarre Robot Traders").

Conspiracy #2 means that Assange is a very interesting character indeed. A globe-trotting albino Oswald.

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The coffin was unearthed in October 1981 to test a conspiracy theory that a lookalike Russian agent had been buried in Oswald's place.

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"The scary possibility is that people might invent better conspiracies that work at higher noise levels: such conspiracies might retain the authoritarian advantage while keeping everybody else trapped in the noise."

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The third name is MARUTUKKU, Master of the arts of protection, chained the Mad God at the Battle. Sealed the Ancient Ones in their Caves, behind the Gates.

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Single-gunman theorist offers evidence that Jim Garrison was a Mafia connected disinformation agent.

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This is a really weird article, designed almost entirely to smear the guy who got winged by shrapnel. Most of the reference links go to a single website edited by a single guy. One of the links is an old google groups comment thread.

Atlantic? Have an axe to grind here? Or is this the author's personal issues?

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"I can name 33 and I am about to release a revised list soon with 75."

Hey kid. The 50 Greatest Conspiracies book published almost 20 years ago is already up to 80.

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"This is a new index page devoted to examing the recent activity of Sylphs in transmuting, neutralizing, and destroying the noxious substances being sprayed as chemtrails. The deployment of orgone generators has apparently played a significant role in helping to bring about this remarkable development."

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