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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Whitney McNamara tagged music+ip

Joe Weisenthal writes, starting from Billy Bragg's NYT op ed. Then Billy Bragg shows up in the comments. Then Mike Masnick, too. Well worth reading.

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On the Universal DRM experiment: kind of like what I wrote last week, but with more insightful analysis and fewer clever pop culture references.

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It's a proposal that emerges periodically: institute a blanket "sharing license" for consumers. While it's an appealing idea, unless every label buys in (literally), it isn't actually much of a "solution."

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Could happen, I suppose, but I expect to see a *lot* more "but we just tried [insert half-assed consumer-unfriendly DRM-free download experiment here] and it totally didn't work" protestation from Big Content before they actually give up

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Cool, and clearly a violation of iTunes' TOS; I'm starting a pool to predict the date that Apple files me if you want in...

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Ah, how quaint it sounds today: a raid on *sheet music* suppliers.

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