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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Simon Phipps tagged Nutrition

Very interesting article (series of articles really) that asserts that the whole concept of using a "food pyramid" to direct nutrition is bad. Excellent proposal at the end.

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It's Easter, and there's a lot of sugar around over here in the UK - probably where you are too. I watched this video a few months ago and it transformed the way I thought about sugar.

The lecture includes descriptions of the metabolic cycles by which the liver handles glucose and fructose and clearly explains why fructose is not the same as glucose for your body. Fructose needs handling in a way that could lead your body into high blood pressure, obesity and gout, and it prevents your stomach signalling to your brain that you should stop eating. Fructose separated from the fibre that delivered it is just plain toxic.

I heartily recommend watching the full 90 minutes of this one, it's changed the way I think about food and eating.

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Lovely interview that captures Pollan's humanity. The idea of having a booklet of common sense eating rules to counter all the crazy diet junk that's floating around is wonderful, I've ordered my copy to pick up when I get to the US.

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