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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Simon Phipps tagged Fraud

"Intel's rebates amounted to 38 per cent of Dell's operating profit in the fiscal year 2006, and rose to 76 per cent (or $720m) in one quarter alone, Q1 2007. While almost all of the Intel funds were incorporated into Dell's component costs, Dell did not disclose the existence, much less the magnitude, of the Intel exclusivity payments." -- Entirely jaw-dropping disclosure shows Dell was not the profitable behemoth it appeared. I wonder just how much of this Intel has done over the years?

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Finally home to roost. I wonder if this had anything to do with IBM pulling out of buying Sun?

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Watch the video and see this entirely straightforward attack being carried out. There is clearly a huge issue here, and the fact the banks will claim that "PIN Authorised" means they have no liability means we should all shout loudly about it.

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When you create any system, you create the game that plays it. Now lets reflect on what happens when criminals start faking real biometrics in order to conduct crimes against individuals, like fake bank transactions. Doesn't seem so smart to completely rely on biometric ID cards at that point.

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I completely agree with Ben here. The schemes both Visa and Mastercard are running are totally ridiculous, exposing their customers to extreme risk of phising and leaving them with all the blame when it happens. The schemes are the perfect expression of the contempt with which the credit card industry views its victims (AKA customers).

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Bruce smells an attempted take-down in progress. I'm amazed that the mechanisms LifeLock is exploiting aren't the defaults - I would just have assumed that they would be.

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Some really serious voter fraud and felony accusation here.

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