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Username: webdesignreviews

Name: webdesignreview

Joined: 15 Oct 2016

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Is your website a mobile optimised site? Is it consistent to perform and look how it’s supposed to across all devices? If it’s not a mobile friendly website, are you aware of how many leads you could be missing out on? The brutally honest answer is too many!

Did you know that a... -

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Have you noticed a decline in your organic Facebook reach and user engagement? Facebook algorithm tends to get the blame.

If you’re finding it difficult to achieve an organic reach, you may want to do more Facebook Page testing. Keep in mind that no business is created equal. Just... -

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Have you invested in your websites optimization this year? Or are you planning to improve your SEO method?

If so, you’ll want to know the important Search Engine Optimization stats that may be negatively or positively affecting your ranking.

Why Your SEO Method Needs Improving

When... -

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Are you in the process of contacting web design companies for quotes? Unsure of what to think of the web design costs and wondering how much you should be spending? There are a few key factors that can affect the total price to pay.

Receiving quotations can be very overwhelming, especially... -

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Are you considering spending your business marketing budget on paid advertising? If so, you will want to take a look at the key digital advertising trends that will affect your spend this year. These trends may affect your conversion rate positively and negatively.

You can only find out by ... -

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Is it important for online sellers to include ecommerce social media marketing in their conversion strategy?

If you want to increase your sites traffic and sales rates, it definitely is!

It’s a common misconception that businesses with Ecommerce sites don’t always need to... -

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Do you want to up your call to action game on your website? The most successful way to go about this would be by starting with onsite sales improvements.

Of course, you will want to focus on displaying prices in the best places to be seen by your sites visitors, but is there more you can do... -

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So, is your new years resolution to improve your sites SEO? A great way to do this is by keeping up to date with Search Engine Optimisation predictions, to plan what tactics and methods you should be including in your strategy.

If you’d rather focus on other aspects of your online... -

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There’s nothing worse than having a broken website is there? Not only is it frustrating losing out on potential leads and sales, but can also be a strain on your online reputation as it’s not just site owners that get irritated, but site users too.

Does your site tend to go down... -

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Not made your Digital Marketing plan for this year yet? Good! Because you can plan around these top trends that we’ve shared, as you won’t want to miss them out of your routine and have your business progress.

Don’t want to focus on Digital Marketing yourself? Lucky for you... -

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