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Username: wanderling

Name: the wanderling

Joined: 30 Mar 2009

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Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!

An Enlightenment experience in the Zen tradition.

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Explores who W. Somerset Maugham's main character Larry Darrell in "The Razor's Edge" was in real life and what happened to him after the novel ended.

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An American Zen adept ends up high in the mountains in an ancient Chinese Zen monastery, faced with stark, unfettered study-practice that harkened back to Bodhidharma, Hui Neng and the Buddha.

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A seeker along the path writes of things Zen and his spiritual mentor who was neither teacher nor guru, but the real life person W. Somerset Maugham wrote about in "The Razor's Edge."

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Putting into place the super-normal perceptual state called Siddhis in Sanskrit, Sri Ramana meets a former disciple thousands of miles away from the ashrama.

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Recounting a young boy's nearly instant transformation into the Absolute during his ony darshan with the Maharshi

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