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Links 1 through 10 of 24 by Vance Stevens tagged worldbridges

ETT21 #143: Brad Ovenell-Carter: Head of Think Global School
November 3, 2011

Brad Ovenell-Carter, Head of the Think Global School joins Alex and arvind to discuss this exciting new school. Think Global is a radical new concept, a high school that lives in 12 countries over 12 trimesters. Brad talks about the school, the amazing opportunities, the challenges, and lessons learned.

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ETT21 #148: 1:1 iPads at St. Andrews School in Savannah Georgia
February 2, 2011

Peter Smith, Middle School Head at St. Andrews School in Savannah, Georgia joined us to discuss his schools 1:1 iPad program.

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Anastasia Goodstein Keynote August 14, 2008 2008 Technology Summit: Digital Youth Wired for Action Afternoon Session Audio Download mp3

Anastasia Goodstein is the author of Totally Wired: what teens and tweens are really doing online. Her blog, YPulse, is a leading media, technology and youth development information source, and School Library Journal recently published Goodstein’s article What Would Madison Avenue Do? Marketing to Teens.

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It's Elementary #33, Interactive Whiteboards
Submitted by coordinator2 on Fri, 2009-04-17 04:14

* It's Elementary
* Alice Mercer
* interactive white boards
* Jose Rodriguez
* Lisa Durff
* Lisa Parisi
* Maria Knee
* promethean
* smartboard

In this edition of It's Elementary we discuss Interactive whiteboards with our guest Lisa Parisi and our in house expert Maria Knee. Our conversation centered around the use of the interactive whiteboards in a student centered curriculum. We heard example of best practices both for Smart Boards given by Lisa Parisi and Promethean given by Maria Knee. The discusion and comments coming out of the chatroom were very informative.

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Join Alice, Cheryl and our guest Kevin Jarrett for this great show. We learn about Kevin, talk about Second Life and Virtual worlds for our elementary students, and share many great resources.

An amazing discussion with an educator who WAS a rich businessman, gave that up to teach, spends sabbaticals hanging out in SL hooking up with creative people, encourages us to apply for Google Educator slots cause guess what only 120 applied for the one he got. He teaches 4th grade and loves it, you'll love listening to this no matter what you teach

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Welcome to It's Elementary Show #31. We are streaming live on the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges network with Lisa Durff, a K12 teacher in Maryland, AND Jose Rodriguez, third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA AND Maria Knee, a kindergarten teacher in Deerfield, NH AND Alice Mercer, an Elementary computer lab teacher in Sacramento, CA. Today is Monday, February 23rd, 2009. We are talking about Self Directed Learning and Online Professional Development with our guests Dennis Newson, Nick Noakes, and Vance Stevens from EVO2009 Virtual Worlds and Language Learning

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This is a jam-packed thirty-nine minutes, where we explore the power of tagging, teachers using tumblogs, mathcasts, VoiceThreads in health, speech, history, math, music, technology, and EFL classes. Join Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Susan Ettenheim, and Voic

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At the beginning of this podcast we explore microblogging with David Karp, the 21-year-old founder of Tumblr, an interesting new blogging platform that some of us have begun to use. VoiceThread founders, Ben Pappel and Steve Muth join us in this conversat

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