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Links 1 through 10 of 14 by Vance Stevens tagged wiaoc

Webheads-in-Action Online Convergence (WiAOC09)i was my first interactive participation in a virtual conference. Despite previously attended synchronous and asynchronous events, this was a true convergence. I witnessed the most professional endeavour by dedicated members of a community of practice. ... In retrospect, that event transformed me from a mere lurker to a proactive member. I could not fully comprehend the positive energy it generated. As maintained by George Siemens in his talk, in another conference, on ‘Connectivism and Social Networking’ii, networks are changing learning and teaching in ways we cannot fully grasp. Furthermore, modern technology is bringing professional events to one’s doorstep. It is admirable that renowned figures dedicate their efforts to bring fellow practitioners to the centre of professional events.

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WiAOC archives used in the NileTESOL presentation Feb 3, 2010
on Tag Games, by Vance Stevens as part of EVO Multiliteracies and

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Presentation prep/notes for -> Open Educational Resources – A potential foundation for the future.
Posted on November 5th, 2009 admin 1 comment

Thursday November 5th, 4pm Eastern NA. GLOBAL TIMES

In May i had the wonderful opportunity to try a live slide build as part of the WIAOC (webheads in action online convergence). They were a great crowd, and the build was awesome. It was the first success that I’ve had with that kind of live interactive slide building, and, well, I’m going to try it again this afternoon. Here’s how it works… I put together a dozen or so slides that are mostly blank with a single question on each slide… we import that slideshow into eluminate (or some other program that will allow for whiteboarding over slides). Each member of the audience is responsible for answering the questions, and I, your confused moderator, will present from the slides as they are being built by the audience.

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Dublin Brunch November 20, 2005
Brunch Guest Bonnie Bracey »
Great Advice from Webheads Conference Captain, Vance Stevens

On November 5, 2006, Vance Stevens, boy genius and founder of Webheads and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for the Webheads Conference, November 17-20, writes from Abu Dhabi

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The Webheads in Action Online Conference May 22-24, 2009, provides a free opportunity for educators around the world to learn together via a synchronous, web-based conference. Web Heads in Action has been active since 1998, and their online conference dates back to 2005 (one year prior to the first K-12 Online Conference.) WIAOC09 offers a continuous, synchronous online conference experience rather than a more asynchronous experience, like K12 Online.

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Evelyn Izquierdo writes: Dear Vance and WIAOC09 organizing team:

I also want to add my voice to those who thank for giving us the opportunity to participate in our third WIA (un)conference. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Thank you all guest speakers and presenters for sharing and building knowledge with us.

It was a real pleasure to offer a workshop in Second Life along with my colleague and friend Jennifer Verschoor (aka Tamara Ashton) from Argentina. What a wonderful experience! Thank you Daf for allowing us to use Ciudad Bonita. Thanks Tere, Zav, Pionia, Devon, Wena, Meno, Anciana and all Webhead avatars who attended the workshop. Here are some snapshots I'd like to share.

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On May 24th at 1700 GMT I’ll be doing my Webheads in Action Online Conversion Keynote presentation and you’re all invited. You’re all invited, that is, to be PART of the presentation. The topic (and the digital nomad stage of the webheads), I think, deserves a slightly different presentation style for me… I plan to speak from slides created on the fly by the audience of the presentation. The presentation will go as follows

I’ll do a 10 min introduction during which I’ll give a quick introduction to the ideas around ‘community as curriculum’ and what i think that shift means to education and lifelong learning. I’ve tried to do this kind of thing before, and find that if I don’t include this kind of introduction, it makes too much of a separation between the edtechtalk clan that is already familiar with my ramblings and new people I could bore with the same old theories.

The other thing that I want people to do in this part of the presentation is get used to doodling.

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posting by sylvia currie on tagging and utilizing tags in aggregation of content fro multimemberships - good suggestions here for wiaoc 2009

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