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Links 1 through 10 of 25 by Vance Stevens tagged training

Russell Stannard links here to10 websites with the links and videos presented at the NATECLA conference at Warwick University 2011

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Pronunciation Training

With the integrated speech recognition tool you can test and practice your pronunciation. It works directly in the browser. You will only need a microphone and the latest Flash-Player.

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Dr. Bonk's Keynotes in Corporate, Higher Ed, K-12, and More...

Dr. Bonk with Blue Man Group Special 6 Part Masterclass (pick items) 
Higher Ed, K-12, and Corporate Keynotes 
27 New Talks: "Video Primers in an Online Repository for e-Teaching and Learning" (V-PORTAL) (Watch)Speaking references available upon requestTestimonials and Reviews of Dr. Bonk's Workshops and Keynote Presentations

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Great Technology Ideas To Liven Up Homework We Set by RUSSELL STANNARD
One of the concurrent plenary sites Beyza Yilmaz linked to in her PowerPoint to accompany our visit with Nik Peachey in the April 10 2011 ISTEK conference recap with

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The calendar below shows live web events from the programs below, including webcast shows from our own Classroom 2.0. All times are shown in Eastern Time. If you want to add this calendar to your own Google calendar, use the link on the lower right ("+ Google Calendar") and all events will show in your calendar in your local time.

- Classroom 2.0 LIVE (in purple)
- Future of Education (in teal)
- EdTechTalk (in orange)
- (in green)
- Edublogs Live Events (in blue)

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Russell Stannard russell1955 Training videos for starting in Twitter, lots of tricks suggested too. #edtech #teacher #elt #efl #esl #tesol

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# Welcome to moodleflair!!

# This site is for language teachers (and anyone else!) who want to play with Moodle. It is not a fully developed site.

Suggested use of this site
1 - watch the video on using this site. Click here!
2 - click here to create an account for yourself
3 - edit your profile by logging on and clicking on your name (top right corner)
4 - go to the trial language course 'language dip' and try out some activities (look down this page)
5 - go to the sandpit and try making some activities as an administrator
6 - go to the forum your comments on moodle below and post your comments on moodle

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Free Continuing Education and E-learning for Electrical Engineers and Architects

Welcome to the world famous hub for Electrical Engineers, Electricans and Architects free continuing professional education, CPE, Continuing Professional Development, CPD, CEU, and PDH. All downloads, online and e-learning courses and trainings are safe and free. PEO, APEGGA, APEC, IEEE, IIEE, IECEP, PIA, UAP, ABET, IBEW members and all other Professional Engineers are also welcome. These modules can also be used in Call Center Operator training programs.

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James says that this diagram shows how activities can be planned in second life in such a way, he says, that the people behind the avatars can overcome the initial frustration stages and develop their learning constructively.

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