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Links 1 through 10 of 96 by Vance Stevens tagged second_life

We are a group of passionate language teachers interested in or already teaching in Second Life. You are welcome to join our cosmopolitan Community of Practice if you want to learn more about Language Learning on SL.
Here, we collect and shareLesson ideas (Pedagogy Index)Educational Tools (Pedagogy Index)Readings (Pedagogy Index)Conferences and unconferences (+create your own SL party) Workshops resources for building, scripting and free objects Tutorials for newbiesIn-world landmarks related to languages, entertainment, field trips, building etc.. (index)Members' personal pages and blogs related to Language Learning and teaching on Second LifeMeeting minutes  and calendar for 2011NEW: SLanguages 2011 Conference, 16-18th September 2011. More info here

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there are some things you can do in SL that are difficult, impracticable or too expensive to do in RL, such as changing appearance quickly, which can make it more interesting to talk about appearance and is not limited to what the learners are wearing in class. Instead of looking at pictures of let’s say the Seven World Wonders, learners and the teacher can visit them together, climb up the pyramids or walk into a tomb to discover its secrets, visit different countries, museums, galleries, shops, take snapshots or buy stuff and bring them back to class to talk about them. Instead of imagining being in a room looking at a picture, learners can walk into and around a room, interact with the objects, for example: sit on a couch, watch a film, grab a cup of coffee, move the furniture, redecorate the house, and describe what they are doing. You can also drag all kinds of “realia” out of your pocket (inventory) whenever you need something–even whole planes, cars and houses or unusual objects

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Life 2.0June 10, 2011Filmmaker Jason Spingarn-Koff has made a documentary about the online virtual world Second Life. His film follows people who've gotten hooked on the game, people who use it to make a living, to escape themselves, and to commit infidelity. Bob talks to Spingarn-Koff about his film.

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SL Educational Links
last edited by Nergiz Kern 2 months ago

Second Life for education resources like blogs, wikis, research articles, links, classes, group that can be joined, etc.

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List for educators interested in or currently using Second Life. This list is also an opportunity for all of you to communicate with each other, to find new colleagues and to share your experiences using Second Life for education. Please feel free to send email to the list if you'd like to connect with other people.

Since you're just joining the group, please send a brief email to the list introducing yourself, describing your interests and what you're working on in Second Life. We'd all love to hear about it!

There's a Group in Second Life called 'Real Life Education in Second Life' which is also comprised of people who are interested in the educational possibilities of Second Life. If you'd like to keep in touch with other educators inworld, please feel free to join. The group is open to everyone, and it's another great way to find colleagues and collaborators to help you with your education work in Second Life.

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zahraarabsarhangi asked me to come here at TESOL Arabia 2011

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There comes a time when you have to admit you were wrong, or perhaps misguided, or simply that you were a little bit ‘out of time’, or perhaps – better said – that somebody let you down and maybe it wasn’t your fault. And this is one of those times, because it’s goodbye to Second Life for me, at least in its current incarnation – in terms of teaching and training – and I’d like to try and explain why…

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Mesh will allow the creation of objects using development tools ranging from the free (and easy-to-use) Google Sketch-Up through the expensive (ZBrush, Maya, 3DS, etc.).

This will align development for Second Life with more standard 3D development pipelines but will also change the nature of both content and content development: no longer will you need to be ON the Grid to create FOR the Grid, and we can expect to see objects from 3D warehouses elsewhere imported into Second Life.

For the casual content creator, they’ll still be able to create using prims, but “professional-grade” content will more easily be created in third-party applications which allow more robust modeling.

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Team H - Moodle in Second Life (Audit only, no certificate for this course)

What happens when the virtual environment of Second Life and Moodle are combined. We will check out an application called SLoodle which does just that. Recently, Second Life introduced a new viewer application which has made it possible to use the regular Moodle (and many other Web.2.0 applications) within a Second Life virtual classroom environment. This group will explore some of the possibilities for online learning that emerge when you put Moodle and Second Life together.

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The collection of educational tools for Second Life

By Margarita Pérez-García on March 2nd, 2010

I’ve been interested, for several years already, in creating a documented collection of educational tools for Second Life. The effort to produce a snapshot in time of the variety of tools available for educators requiredhowever a dedication beyond individual commitment. The purpose was to create a valuable contribution for the community of educators at large, and for this the work of many helping hands and contributors was needed.

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