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Links 1 through 10 of 15 by Vance Stevens tagged multimedia

This chapter describes five commonly held principles about multimedia learning that are not supported by research and suggests alternative generalizations that are more firmly based on existing studies.  The questionable beliefs include the expectations that multimedia instruction:  1) yields more learning than live instruction or older media; 2) is more motivating than other instructional delivery options; 3) provides animated pedagogical agents that aid learning; 4) accommodates different learning styles and so maximizes learning for more students; and 5) facilitates student managed constructivist and discovery approaches that are beneficial to learning

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This is a wow presentation that rattles off ideas for researching and telling one's own digital story one after another. Starts with search techniques: Sculpture by the Sea web site has a twitter feed, people carry mobile devices, can give opinions, take pictures, tag them. Google search gives you a feed. Blog search for people's opinions, technorati, Twitter using hash tags, photos tagged on Flickr, mapping service to show locations (cell phones geotag photos) - shows in screen cast with embedded web cam how to add RSS feeds to help you feed search results to you; e.g. to a Netvibes page. Talks about sending students out to use phones to take pictures, get recordings, videos. Presentation: Voicethread, Animoto,, makes panoramas from single photos, for creating ARG presentations, Google forms to collect data and present it in spreadsheet, charts, etc (does conditional branching)

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K-12 kids perform somewhere over web 2 oh, and they're off to see the wonderful wizard of apps. Along the way they hit all the major issues, ethical use, privacy, reputation (use people searches like to check yourself out), digital footprints (, fair use (remix), creative commons (where to find them: Flickr,, citations (Noodlebib,,,, research 2.0 (and aggregation of results via RSS, Glogster, Google Squared, Google News Timeline) Wolfram Alpha, databases and various widgets, Pageflakes, Google tools and apps, evaluation of information online, plagiarism, digital storytelling (, Voicethread, Animoto, Wordle, video tools such as flip cams), PLNs (Twitter, Nings e.g. Classroom 2.0, Diigo,, starting PPT blank ... just to mention a few. The slide show has 202 slides, almost all with links.

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Presenter: Kelley Connolly & Jon Greenberg
Presentation Title: Building on Analog Success with 2.0 Technology

Presentation Description: This presentation will focus on an established successful 6th grade capstone project called “The Biggest Dig.” In the 5th year of this research project, myself and Jon Greenberg, the Humanities teacher, collaborated to modernize the project using web 2.0 technologies such as wikis and online note taking software.

This video includes an overview of the project, review the tools used, how we decided to transition certain project components to web 2.0 tools, student feedback, and finally, a review of the final product and our assessments.

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate that teacher collaboration and sharing of ideas is a fundamental component to enhancing already established curriculum. The idea that you do not have to throw out everything you have done in the analog world to adapt to web 2.0 world is our central theme.

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Presenter: Drew Schrader
Location: Bloomington, IN
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Keeping Literacy in 21st Century Literacy

Presentation Description: In this session I outline the movement towards multiple literacies and 21st century literacies. Within this framework I present concrete strategies and methods for pursing the traditional notion of literacy – reading and writing fluency – in an online context. In particular I hope to show how “think alouds” and other literacy modeling strategies can be enhanced by Web 2.0 technologies like Diigo for social bookmarking and Screentoaster for easy screen capture and content delivery. Part of this enhancement comes from the ability to customize instruction to individual student needs and interests. This presentation is a relatively equal mix of teaching theory, literacy pedagogy, and technology integration.

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Presenter: Tom Daccord
Location: chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Presentation Title: Nurturing the 21st Century History Teacher

Presentation Description: Emerging technologies, a globalized world, and fiscal restraints demand innovative approaches to education. This session explores new research about 21st century teaching strategies and professional development and shares models, resources, and examples to help social studies teachers effectively integrate technology and address needed skills.

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This is nice, a great tutorial on using available tools to find, capture, convert etc online media.
Downes: "Nice set of practical resources, very useful for teachers preparing media for fall classes (it's never too soon). Related: how to embed only a part of a YouTube video. Miguel Guhlin, Around the Corner, August 4, 2009"

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Do you want to convert files up to 1GB, unlimited conversions, support for more video portals, better video quality and a lot of other advantages?

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Canadian schools
Multimedia meets multi-literacy age

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Linguistics dept shows several code examples for playing sound files

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