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Links 1 through 10 of 52 by Vance Stevens tagged mobiletechnology

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Changing language, changing learners, changing teachers
Posted by Mark in E-learning, TESOL

AILA 2011: The 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics
Beijing, China
23-28 August, 2011

One of the major themes running through the 16th AILA Congress was the relationship of new technologies to language teaching. Over the course of six days, presenters from around the world discussed changing teacher training, changing teaching, and changing language – especially the growing importance of digital literacies.

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July 29, 2011, 12:02pm PDT | Length: 00:05:54At the Always On Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee argues that the devices we attach to our belts are changing the fundamental architecture of the Internet.

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Results of Pew Internet & American Life Project study released Aug 15, 2011 show:
Thirty-five percent of American adults own a smartphone;Thirty percent of adults use the Internet or email on a smartphone;Twenty-three precent of adults use their smartphone to go online on a typical day.The Pew survey shows it's still true that a greater proportion of blacks and Hispanics own smartphones: 44 percent of people in each group own smartphones

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This product marks the beginning of the next wave of advances in learning technologies - which I would term Personal Ambient Learning Services' (PALs) - since it's based on the ability to embed specialised learning services into the cloud able to adapt learning contents to the required 'ambience' in which the learner is immersed," commented Fabrizio Cardinali, Vice President of Global Business Development at eXact learning solutions. "In other words, the ambience is the environment surrounding the learner, not only his location and device but also his or her study background and track record, abilities and disabilities - as well as the limits and constrains of the workspace.

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I came across (via this Mashable blog post) a new free tool called Highlighter (still in beta). It does what it says on the tin - it highlights. You can highlight bits in a blog post. No need to worry any more about middle-aged forgetfulness, because not only can you highlight snippets of interest, but you can leave comments for the blog author on your highlighted snippets. And you can share the highlighted snippets with your own network via email, Facebook and Twitter. And Highlighter is free.

But wait - one snag. The blog author needs to have Highlighter installed on his or her blog. And Mashable didn't. So I'm writing this blog post for two reasons: partly so I don't forget about why I bookmarked the Mashable post in the first place, but mostly to try Highlighter out with you, dear readers. But not just on this blog. On your blogs too.

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he Samsung W7900, aka the Show, certainly lives up to its name. In fact, if it had just the gorgeous 3.2-inch OLED screen, the digital TV tuner or the five-megapixel camera, it would be a winner. But the Show combines all those features with the (current) Holy Grail of handhelds -- a digital projector that displays sharp, bright images up to 50 inches.

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Slides for concurrent plenary at ISTEK 2011
Location, Location, Location: mLearning In Practice by GAVIN DUDENEY & NICKY HOCKLEY

One of the sites Beyza Yilmaz linked to in her PowerPoint to accompany our visit with Nik Peachey in the April 10 2011 ISTEK conference recap with

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mLearning lesson plans

The Consultants-e have a growing collection of mLearning lesson plans created by participants on our mLearning in Practice course. The lesson plans are created for English language learners across a range of ages and levels, and they focus on using mobile or handheld devices in class for a variety of activities or projects. The plans are presented with the permission of the authors. Please feel free to try them out!

There are a number of excellent blogs dedicated to the topic of mLearning. Below is a selection of those we especially recommend.

And published books on mLearning

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