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Links 1 through 10 of 26 by Vance Stevens tagged lms

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Web-based learning, the use of Web-based resources for learning, is becoming more common in educational institutions. However, many Web-based courses do little more than reaffirm traditional teaching approaches of presentation and assessment, resulting in closed learning environments. Current trends in education are stressing the need for more learning that encourages critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication, global awareness and information literacy. Therefore, there is a need to make Web-based learning more open. Integrating new Web 2.0 tools and technology into the learning process is one way to do this. This integration needs to be done carefully, using the new tools to enhance traditional methods of instruction, moving Web-based learning from learning islands to learning environments in the process.

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Wiki Manual for Canvas LMS
1 Introduction2 Canvas for Teachers2.1 Designing and Building2.2 Teaching and Facilitating3 Canvas for Students4 Canvas for Administrators5 Consortium PagesThis wiki is collaboratively authored by Utah higher education institutions as part of the Instructure Canvas Statewide learning management system project, hosted and supported by the Utah Education Network (UEN). All materials in this wiki are licensed for free public use as Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial. See License and attribution requirements for details.

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Insidious Pedagogy: How course management systems impact teaching by Lisa M. Lane

Course management systems, like any other technology, have an inherent purpose implied in their design, and therefore a built–in pedagogy. Although these pedagogies are based on instructivist principles, today’s large CMSs have many features suitable for applying more constructivist pedagogies. Yet few faculty use these features, or even adapt their CMS very much, despite the several customization options. This is because most college instructors do not work or play much on the Web, and thus utilize Web–based systems primarily at their basic level. The defaults of the CMS therefore tend to determine the way Web–novice faculty teach online, encouraging methods based on posting of material and engendering usage that focuses on administrative tasks. A solution to this underutilization of the CMS is to focus on pedagogy for Web–novice faculty and allow a choice of CMS.

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This product marks the beginning of the next wave of advances in learning technologies - which I would term Personal Ambient Learning Services' (PALs) - since it's based on the ability to embed specialised learning services into the cloud able to adapt learning contents to the required 'ambience' in which the learner is immersed," commented Fabrizio Cardinali, Vice President of Global Business Development at eXact learning solutions. "In other words, the ambience is the environment surrounding the learner, not only his location and device but also his or her study background and track record, abilities and disabilities - as well as the limits and constrains of the workspace.

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A brand new platform where people
can learn from one another
informally and formally
as they work.

Share&Learn is a social and collaboration platform that
supports and enables informal and social learning
but which can also be used to track formal learning (i.e. courses) where required.

So what’s new about the Share&Learn platform?

The formal learning is embedded within the informal collaboration platform.
This is different from most “learning” systems which start from the default position of tracking and managing formal learning activity and then adding social and collaboration functionality onto that.

Share&Learn provides a holistic approach to learning for people.

Nic Laycock has called this approach and platform,
The Tipping Point for Learning

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“Since it was started in March I have been active in Jane Hart’s highly successful Social Learning Community which now has over 700 members drawn globally from the whole spectrum of learning. It has become the community of choice for many leading thinkers in learning. But a few days ago, Jane Hart asked me to take a look at her new initiative, the Share&Learn collaboration platform, which she launched earlier this week.
Jane’s explanation of the philosophy underpinning Share&Learn was enough for me to explore thoroughly. When I saw the practical application of her thinking I recognised that Share&Learn may well in future be recognised as a tipping point in our understanding of learning, and heralds a new era in the way learning is viewed and supported.

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found via PLENK10, in this article "the LMS/VLE is mainly used to support the teaching and administration that takes place in the institution. The PLE/PLN is there to support learning."

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I'd also say this is good news for our industry. If I were working at Blackboard this is exactly the deal that I would have tried to arrange. This deal puts Blackboard in a very strong position in terms of their long-term relevance in higher ed, and I think addresses much of the risk that open/community source alternatives like Moodle were beginning to pose. I also believe that within 3 years time Blackboard will be acquired by Microsoft or Oracle or maybe even Google - as the education market will only grow. This acquisition will be seen as a smart move along the road to that destination.

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