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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Vance Stevens tagged evaluation

Rubrics and surveys are the building blocks of learning outcomes assessment.
Leading colleges of education, engineering, business, the health sciences, and liberal arts use Waypoint Outcomes to create and publish interactive rubrics and surveys, then easily aggregate and disaggregate the resulting data on student learning.
Tightly integrated with Blackboard, Moodle, and Blackboard Vista or used as a stand-alone assessment tool, Waypoint helps educators improve the quality of feedback to students on authentic tasks and build a culture of continuous improvement.

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Share It With Others!

How do you compose Test 2.0? Is this an oxymoron? How do we creatively and meaningfully test competence in a 21st century classroom? Do we still use tests? If so, what should they look like? I would much rather dispense with them, but maybe I'm wrong ...

Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!