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Links 1 through 10 of 92 by Vance Stevens tagged esl

This is a really cool combination of dictation and cloze. Students listen to a few seconds of audio and then fill in what they hear

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25 Online Games for English Language Learners


by Angelita Williams,

(not sure who the actual author is)

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For free you can
Watch Videos
Choose from a large library of fully transscribed videos covering a wide range of topics.

Speak Videos
Record yourself speaking videos in your own voice, earn Pronunciation points and get helpful pronunciation and fluency feedback.

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Shelly Terrell's talk on QR codes for the American TESOL Webinars.   You can link to the recording (30 mins) here This YouTube view suggests more videos on the same topic.

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55 Interesting Ways* to Support Writing in the Classroom*and tipsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Listen! Activities to Spark ESL LearningListening and Speaking ESL listening activities must motivate students to listen actively. Active listening requires a person's full involvement. One of the best means to accomplish this is to use activities that students connect with personally or...By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas July 31, 2011 Authentic Listening Activities will Make ESL Lesson Plans GreatUse Authentic English When writing your listening (ESL) lesson's activities, incorporate music, podcasts, interviews, and news to improve your ESL students' listening skills. Music Introduce music to your students and have the lyrics available...By KellenKautzman July 31, 2011 Get ESL Students Making Outstanding Presentations in No TimePresentation Vocabulary Students who have a good understanding of basic vocabulary and grammar structures in English are ready to present to audiences. Intermediate to advanced level students will benefit from learning how to give speeches and presentations...

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Energisers are great activities and can save lives when you feel your students are not in the lesson anymore.

These quick games can be used to bring your students back to classroom. A little bit movement, mingle, laughter will break the ice, will help to get rid of the boredom. Maybe the focus is not directly on the language but still you can adapt these games according your students’ needs and levels.

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Russell Stannard links here to10 websites with the links and videos presented at the NATECLA conference at Warwick University 2011

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Digital Tools For Digital Literacies by NIK PEACHEY

One of the concurrent plenary sites Beyza Yilmaz linked to in her PowerPoint to accompany our visit with Nik Peachey in the April 10 2011 ISTEK conference recap with

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twitter announcement of recording location - what we're doing here is illustrating how links associated with an event can be aggregated around a 'class' tag, in this case istek11, which we coopted for our chat with Nik Peachey April 10 2011 with learning2gethe

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