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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Vance Stevens tagged engineering
Elluminate recording of Global Marathon event recorded at PI March 11, 2010
6:30 a.m. time slot at this url:

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Share It With Others!

Free Continuing Education and E-learning for Electrical Engineers and Architects

Welcome to the world famous hub for Electrical Engineers, Electricans and Architects free continuing professional education, CPE, Continuing Professional Development, CPD, CEU, and PDH. All downloads, online and e-learning courses and trainings are safe and free. PEO, APEGGA, APEC, IEEE, IIEE, IECEP, PIA, UAP, ABET, IBEW members and all other Professional Engineers are also welcome. These modules can also be used in Call Center Operator training programs.

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The Petroleum Institute (PI) was created in 2001 with the goal of establishing itself as a world-class institution in engineering education and research in areas of significance to the oil and gas and the broader energy industries. The PI’s sponsors and affiliates include Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and four major international oil companies. The campus has modern instructional laboratories and classroom facilities and is now in the planning phase of three major research centers on its campus in Sas Al Nakhl, Abu Dhabi. Currently the PI offers Bachelor degrees in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum and Petroleum Geosciences Engineering, as well as Master of Engineering degrees in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering. New engineering and science programs will be added i

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This e-learning site focuses on a critical, but often neglected skill for business, communication, and engineering students, namely visual literacy, or the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations. After this tutorial, students should be able to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of visual representations, to improve their shortcomings, to use them to create and communicate knowledge, or to devise new ways of representing insights. The didactic approach consists of rooting visualization in its application contexts, i.e. giving students the necessary critical attitude, principles, tools and feedback to develop their own high-quality visualization formats for specific problems (problem-based learning). The students thus learn about the commonalities of good visualization in diverse areas, but also explore the specificities of visualization in their field of specialization (through real-life case studies).

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This is the newly upgraded website of the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. There is a link to the Moodle portal elearning from here

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