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Ponctuation et autres subtilités

Muito bom sobre estilo em inglês

1. Punctuation
2. Capitalization, Italicization and Underlining
3. Footnotes, Online Sources, Bibliographies
4. *Academic Degrees and Titles *Address Abbreviations *Aircraft Names *Arabic Numerals *Automobile Names *Courtesy Titles *Document Titles *Fraternal Organizations *Geographic Terms *Government Organizations *Historical Events and Periods *Labor Organizations *Languages *Military Titles and Organizations *Nobility Titles *Organizational Titles and Abbreviations *Personal Names *Proper Nouns and Derivatives *Religious Titles, Writings, and Organizations *Roman Numerals
5. *Abbreviations *Affixes (Prefixes, Suffixes) *Animal Group, Young Names, and Male/Female Names *Abbreviations of Months and Days *Nations of the World *Official Forms of Address for Letter Writing *States and Territories of the U.S. *Weights and Measures
Appendix I. A guide to proper nouns, covering: Companies, Organizations, Languages, Trademarks and Tradenames.
Appendix II. A guide to Word Division


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