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23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essentials for Professional Success

That is some good stuff and I’m sure that you will find it very useful for your SLIS studies!

I know I’m going to enjoy this module.

Next Module: Jing to be launched Wednesday, August 7th.

by Elaine Hall

Module 3 – LinkedIn Now Available!

LinkedIn Module Available Here

This week, we offer a great module developed by SLIS alumna Africa Hands on LinkedIn. This comprehensive module will show participants how to:

set up a LinkedIn account and customize yourprofile

findLIS related Groups on LinkedIn

control your privacy

interact with Companies on LinkedIn

maximize your LinkedIn experience

There is a wealth of information, tips and recommendations worth checking out here whether you already have a LinkedIn account or need to start one. Check it out here!

Next Module:Evernote to be launched Wednesday, July 31st


Volunteer Opportunities Still Available- would you like to become more involved with the 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni program? Check out our Call for Volunteers page and let us know. We have plenty of opportunities to volunteer as module developers, reviewers, and correspondents.

Coming Soon! 23 Things Guest Posts. We will be welcoming weekly post submissions from students, alumni and LIS professionals in the near future. Posts will feature topics, articles, projects relating to the technologies, resources, and tools presented in this program. This is a great opportunity to share how you have used these resources in your academic or professional pursuits. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, send us an email at 

Segment 2: Professional Development and Presentation:we will be announcing the modules for Segment 2 on August 1st.

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OK @SLISConnect Let's get this party started! #MLIS @sjsuslis

LinkedIn Module for 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni now available. and


This is the bookmark aggregator site for the MARA 256 - 21st Century Archival Methods course at SJSU SLIS

JM7 This new SJSU website will offer 23 modules to students and alumni, focusing on technologies that are valued by relevant archival organizations.


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