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Grayson Gill Interiors

What Is E-Design? E-Design is the forefront in digital interior design services offered through Grayson Gill Interiors that allows our interior designers to reach out to clients anywhere in the world! At affordable design fee’s you can get all the benefits of hiring an in-home interior designer at your finger tips, with expertise and the access to trade only merchandise. All communications are done by phone or email while you sit in the comfort of your own place! Is eDesign For Me? Looking for a little help on your latest DIY project, can’t seem to pick the right color, need help drafting a plan, or just can’t find a designer in your area? Then E-design is for you! E-Design is for clients that are looking for expertise, inspiration, and motivation to transfer the space into a unique environment that reflects their own individuality.

How Does An E-Design Project Work? Once you complete the E-design questionnaire we will review it to gain a better perspective for your needs, wants, and design styles. You will be asked to include photos and dimensions of the area, including any other inspirational photos you might have. Once we process all of your information we will provide you with a complete digital presentation or mail a design folder to you, your choice! If contracting is required we will even research firms, recommend a list, and schedule the appointments for you! If furniture is ordered we will continue working with you through the delivery to ensure that everything meets your standards.

E-design packages offered through Grayson Gill Interiors:

Ask me: Free!

Stuck, need an opinion, quick design idea, or need to find a resource? Let me know and I will get you in touch with what you need ASAP!

Color selection: $40.00

Have a painting project coming up, and just can’t choose the right shade or palette?


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Grayson Gill Interiors, An Atlanta-based interior design firm, provides creative design solutions for anyone, anywhere, on any budget. Here at Grayson Gill Interiors, our interior designers use the latest in technology to reach out to every corner of the world, Giving everyone the chance to have access to a designer at affordable rates. Whether it's a house, or a condo, townhouse or apartment, let our designers at Grayson Gill Interiors transform your existing space into a creative and unique environment that reflects the individuality of the space and those that inhabit it. Grayson Gill Interiors uses a wide variety of materials and finishes, including 2d and 3d AutoCAD renderings to help visualize and deliver design ideas and details for your space. Our Interior Design services offered through Grayson Gill Interiors includes in-home and eDesign services.