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Cycling in Cities: Studying cycling motivators, bikeability, and injury risk factors

Is scientific evidence in practice? A review of driver and cyclist education materials with respect to cycling safety evidence, upcoming in Transportation Research Record

Evidence from safety research to update cycling training materials in Canada, a UBC/SFU report

Route infrastructure and the risk of injuries to bicyclists, in the American Journal of Public Health

Effects of infrastructure on bicycling injury at intersections and non-intersections, in Injury Prevention

Safe cycling: How do risk perceptions compare with observed risk? in the Canadian Journal of Public Health

Personal and trip characteristics associated with safety equipment use by injured adult bicyclists, in BMC Public Health

Exposure-based traffic crash injury rates by mode of travel in British Columbia, in the Canadian Journal of Public Health

Bicycling: Health risk or benefit? in UBC Medical Journal

Bike Score Bike Score, based on our " bikeability"  research, has been updated for 2013 and extended to more than 100 North American cities, including 12 in Canada. Study brochures

Bicyclists’ injuries and the cycling environment: Results of the “BICE” Study

The impact of transportation infrastructure on bicycling injuries or crashes: A review of the evidence

How far out of the way will we travel? How the built environment influences route selection for bicycle travel

Cycling in Cities survey on cycling motivators and deterrents: Route types and other factors

Cycling in Cities survey: Preferred bicycle route types

Active transportation in urban areas: Exploring health benefits and risks

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