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Top 35 Startups in Tech that TechCrunch missed out on | StartupPlays

Each month, we recap the Top 35 Startups In Tech that TechCrunch missed out on. These are the best of the best (and it’s always a hard choice! But we love seeing so many innovative startups and passionate founders come through our site and our Global Accelerator.

1. Payroll Hero

Payroll Hero helps you optimize work productivity with happiness with a simple web and mobile based payroll application. Boasting some of the best advisers in the space, check out what the team at Payroll Hero has built today as a beta user.

2. Arden Reed

Arden Reed is giving choice to ambitious men. Our brand allows men to break out, avoid standardization and express their individuality.

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3. Travtar

Travtar is here to make finding and picking accommodation easier for you and the people you’re traveling with. You can create Hotel Stacks that let you view multiple hotels in one screen to compare and share with your travel companions. You can even read reviews written by your friends and similar travelers.


ApproveIO is a full stack payment solution. We provide a merchant account, payment gateway, credit card vault, and recurring billing solution. After signing up, you can start processing live payments immediately. We take the pain out of credit card storage, PCI compliance, subscriptions, everything that makes online payments a hassle!

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5. Awessome

Awessome is the destination for all your friends’ recommendations and favorites in one place! With an IOS app on the way, you can always have the most awessome recommendations at your fingertips.

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6. TrashOut

TrashOut is an environmental project aiming to locate illegal dumps all around the world. We developed solution to take proper steps to illegal dumps.

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Top 35 Startups In Tech that TechCrunch missed out on - June 2012 via @startupplays


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