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OpenContentToolkit - Sources

This page lists organisation hosting open content and curated links to sources of open content in order make them easy to find and access. Some of the links are likely to be referenced elsewhere in the toolkit, one one or more resources or examples. The purpose of this section is not to provide a detailed commentary on the resources, but some basic contextual information. Of course you are welcome to add more comment and detail. The sources cover archives, projects and organisations developing and hosting content.

This is an ever expanding list so if you know of any resources are not listed here please let us know or even better; add the links to this page and re-categorise, add new categories as appropriate or discuss in detail in the Sources discussion tab.


Cultural and heritage organisations,

Individual Galleries, Libraries and Museums

Open content repositories and archives

Repositories and archives that include Open Content

Curation tools and services

Public bodies and governmental organisations

Scientific organisations and archives

OER (Open Educational Resources) specific repositories

Non profit and crowd-sourced repositories

Individual Curators and Collectors of Content These cover everything from a historical studies, local data, personal content, ephemera and can be invaluable sources Caveat! There is the possibility that some curators in the last category may be (inadvertently) applying Creative Commons licences to content that they do not (legally) own -

Finally, the Deep Web

then there are those resources that cannot easily be discovered using simple web searches Sarah Perez refers to those as the Deep Web (not to be confused with the Dark Web). It is probable many of the above sources will also be found in the deep web.

Categorised list belo

Some Key Organisations managing/hosting content

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We build blogsites for schools.

Useful curation of open content resources and teaching ideas on how to educate everyone on the use of such media.

RT @TheoKL: Images from @ESA_Rosetta and @CERN added to the growing list on the Open Content Toolkit resources

Page with links to 5million + openly licensed images, audio & video files educators can use safely & legally pls RT