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Hit The Road: Public Transport Directions for Dublin

Hit The Road shows you how to get from A to B in Dublin, across combinations of Dublin Bus, Luas and DART links.

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RT @rossshannon: @blacknight Hit the Road: public transport directions for Dublin.

Hit the road is still way better than the .. Journey Planner never seems to pick the best routes!
– Jason Roe (jasonroe)

Hit the Road: Public transport directions for Dublin

Hit the Road: Public transport directions for Dublin


Serving over half a million people through a network of 32 branch libraries and service points, we are the largest library authority in the Republic of Ireland. Specialist services include the Local Studies and Archive, Business Library, Music Library, and an Open Learning Centre. With over three million annual visits, and Internet access available in all branches, the service actively promotes the concept of lifelong learning in the community, offering an increasing range of opportunities for those of all ages and backgrounds to develop life chances and new learning skills.

Hit The Road is a public transport journey-planning service, which you can use to find directions in and around Dublin.

@EdelBuggy I never use the timetable. I use this web App


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