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URL: Relaunches with 1,000-Character Notes Fields | 43 Folders

Oh happy day — the new Delicious is here In the years since was acquired by Yahoo! it’s been hard to get why it remained such a red-headed stepchild. Despite an unbelievable lead in both mindshare, functionality, and ease-of-use

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딜리셔스 개편! 제일 반가운 것은 1000자까지 메모 가능하다는 것!!! 가장 바랬던 것. 내 정보클리핑툴로서 모자람이 없다. 떙큐! 미투데이를 덜 쓰게 될 것 같네..


I am a MAC addict who loves his MINI Cooper Convertible second to his amazing wife, Sandy.

This is an excellent article that very briefly goes over the NEW delicious.

Oh happy day — the new Delicious is here

In the years since was acquired by Yahoo! it's been hard to get why it remained such a red-headed stepchild. Despite an unbelievable lead in both mindshare, functionality, and ease-of-use (yeah, it's been my preferred bookmarker for years), seemed to sit there while a dozen social bookmarking sites lapped it with fancier designs and (mostly superfluous) new features. Yay, Yahoo.

Today Y! revealed a beautiful new version of the site, redubbed You've probably read way too much about this, but I want to highlight exactly one new feature: big, 1000 character notes field.

This is huge for me as a blog dude, trying to collect links and tidbits for future posts. I can now write an entire short post just in the notes field, with room left over for attribution. See? Awesome.

Congrats to everybody on the relaunch of one of my all-time favorite sites.


New improved! 1000-character note fields for decent commenting. And gone are the pesky full-stops dotted through the name (much easier to type). [43 Folders]


Spreading confusion over the internet since 1994

New page, yayy. And double yayy for longer notes field. The question will be whether my daily links post will accommodate the longer field. Probably, but I'm rambling on here to test the limits. Probably my main complaint with the delicious service was the short notes field - I use delicious as a blog post builder for posts that don't quite merit a full entry, but that I still want to keep track of. I still have nearly 600 characters left, and I doubt I'll use them all in any case. Thanks, Yahoo!

Merlin's delight at the new version of

LOL! the relaunched now has a 1000-character notes field, which is great! Problem is, their posting bookmarklet still only seems to accept the old limit, 255 characters....

It's great to see a decent number of characters in the notes field now. And liking the new tag selector btw. I'm now waiting for the Firefox extension to catch up.


Hi there. I moved to Pinboard.

I've always struggled to condense my comments, now I can go CRAZY!


@WebTechLaw's Director and Digital Risk Strategist, photographer, thinker of deep thoughts. Passionate about @Gnat_J and our kids. Allergic to stupid.

I didn't quite appreciate the benefit of the 1000 character field until I read this simple post. It makes Delicious a lot more appealing as a kind of microblogging tool. If you happen to be using Pukka be sure to update to version 1.7 which supports the larger description fields.

Best. Feature. Ever. But when will they update the Firefox plugin?

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