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The Church Brew Works

Award-winning Microbrewery and Restaurant in Pittsburgh

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Lectures in creative multimedia.

Pittsburgh's finest.

Pittsburgh beer hall

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

By far, the most breathtaking element is the position of the brew house on the altar. Because the altar was built as a centerpiece of the church, the steel and copper tanks gleaming in the celestial blue backdrop is nothing less than captivating. This extraordinary view is only paralleled by the quality and taste of our beer.

Head Brewer Brant Dubovick uses his extensive knowledge of brewing to bring you four of the finest beers you will ever drink. Our North German Style Pilsner, Bavarian Dunkel, British Special Bitter and rotating Blast Furnace Stout are all hand crafted. These "brews" are sure to please your palate as much as our unique cuisine.

Award-Winning Microbrewery and Restaurant

Another Pittsburgh rec from Michael

A deconsecrated Catholic Church becomes a full brewery, with awesome pizza as well. Aces.

A brewery in a former church.

@AdamS Have heard great things about Church Brew Works:


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