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HotOrNot + Google Maps

Hot or not

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there exist no hot straight females in Berkeley

funny combo

You knew it was coming

The man of your dreams is pink and shaped like an upside down teardrop.

Should be hosted at

Rather scary ajax application which links HotorNot's date service with maps via zip codes.

People from the HotOrNot site maped on google maps

Now this is a useful application.


No way. This is seriously crazy shit. Plus, they've got mobile google maps now which means you should be able to pull this up on your cell phone and find a hot (or not) person wherever you go. La Jolla looks pretty empty.

Nifty little GoogleMaps API hack that interfaces with HotOrNot personals to display location of ad posters

It's like stalking people! Through the Web!

HotOrNot By Zip Code

Haha, this is great.

Even online dating is cooler with a Google Map

Another funny Google Maps hack

= Hot People by Zip Code
Look up people via zip codes


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