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functionsCapacitor « WordPress Plugins

You can request some* functions of WordPress API with same syntax for arguments into your posts, pages, or widgets content. functionsCapacitor will insert function result into your content as HTML output.

(*) see Supported functions.


Safe process to use this plugin on WordPress MU or WP MultiSite.

Allow to personalize Embedded output for each functions.

Easy and powerfull Functions arguments syntax to apply any WordPress API options.

Generic functions arguments with Magic keywords.

NEW: use WordPress conditional tags as option to display a widget.

Structured source-code to prevent any conflict.

Three methods to use WordPress API functions :

Method by shortcode tag

Insert a tag into your content like [fct function_name="parameter1=value&parameter2=value"].

One shortcode tag can request several functions, input [fct function_name1="arguments" function_name2="arguments"].

Method with a widget

Add a functionsCapacitor widget, select a function, input function parameters like "parameter1=value&parameter2=value" (without quotes).

Optional: choose a supported conditional function to decide where to display your widget.

Method by custom fields

Set a custom field name with function name and put function arguments into custom field value like "parameter1=value&parameter2=value" (without quotes).

Result is always inserted at end. Plugin has priority 5. Most plugins use priority 10. This method is applied if post/page is displayed.


Tag cloud of popular posts tags, insert [fct wp_tag_cloud]

List of children pages of current page, insert [fct wp_list_pages="title_li=&child_of=%postID%&depth=1"]

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Web / LAMP manager

Ce plugin vous propose d'utiliser des fonctions de l'API de WordPress depuis l'éditeur visuel des articles (via un shortcode) ou comme un widget. Les fonctions peuvent être paramétrées tel que défini dans le Codex officiel.