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Sesame Green Beans

"I had always been indifferent to green beans... until I tried this recipe, given to me by a friend. For such a simple dish, you will be surprised at how much flavor this has! Broccoli is equally delicious prepared this way." — SPRUCETREE18 

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Heat oil in a large skillet or wok over medium heat. Add sesame seeds. When seeds start to darken, stir in green beans. Cook, stirring, until the beans turn bright green.

Pour in chicken broth, salt and pepper. Cover and cook until beans are tender-crisp, about 10 minutes. Uncover and cook until liquid evaporates.

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Most Helpful Positive Review

This recipe interested me for its sheer simplicity and for its cooking method. My curiosity was enough that I was determined to make it as written-which meant resisting the urge, first of all, to add fresh garlic. I was not disappointed. While adding garlic here would seem obvious, I wanted something beyond the same ol' same ol'. This is simply wonderful--just as written. And as for the cooking method--it worked out perfectly and the beans were bright green, fresh and with a just right taste of sesame from the oil and seeds. I think adding garlic as so many others have done, would have totally negated the whole point of this dish, and would have masked that delicate sesame flavor. Add it if you like, but then these beans are still the same old green beans with garlic.


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Most Helpful Critical Review

I tried it with the broccoli. If you are doing broccoli though, it doesn't need 10 minutes. Six minutes will be fine; 10 minutes makes them soggy.


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