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URL: | Charleston's most complete community Web portal

Keep up with the very latest local news, opinions, events, and questions with this list of user submissions. Want to get it featured? Vote these posts up to draw them to the attention of editors. Vote up 84 votes 31 hours ago 33 hours ago Vote up 30 hours ago Vote up Beaufort paving, street closures scheduled to begin Monday temporarily postponed 35 hours ago Vote up Highway patrol searches for car involved in Horry County hit and run 13 hours ago Wreck slowed traffic on US 278 near Tanger Friday afternoon 26 hours ago Vote up

Vince Dooley Visits Charleston For Book Tour 29 votes 15 hours ago Comment and read more HolyCitySinner Charleston City Council to review texting ban ordinance 8 hours ago Vote up

“Southern Living” Checklist is Heavy on the Charleston 23 votes 12 hours ago Comment and read more Vote up

23 votes 13 hours ago 14 hours ago

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TheDigitel is a community powered website where readers are encouraged to report on their community and enhance reporting.

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Director, Social Media & Engagement, Gannett.

The most complete source of the best in local community coverage, news, and entertainment about Charleston, S.C. We're an online newspaper done right.


Journalism professor at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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Charleston, South Carolina; aggregator

Charleston's most complete community Web portal