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The Commitment Engine – Actionable Books

There’s a very simple equation at play here: the opposite of commitment is apathy, apathy leads to irrelevance and, in this hyper saturated world of ours, irrelevance is the kiss of death for any business.  Commitment is not a nice to have, it’s essential.

So when we talk about “commitment” to a business, who are we talking about?  Employees?  Shareholders?  Partners?  Clients?  Yes, to all of the above and anyone else who engages with your business in any way.  In the words of John Jantsch, author of The Commitment Engine, “Getting noticed these days is less about shouting and more about sparkling.” We sparkle when we stand for something – something so clear that anyone who comes in contact with our companies can’t help but understand it and get caught up in the movement we’re creating.

The Commitment Engine is a book for business leaders about how to create that sparkle.  How to connect with the driving purpose of our businesses and share it in such a way that people connect with it and want to play a role in supporting it.  Through a well crafted and idea-filled book, Jantsch gives us practical ways to infuse every component of our businesses with the characteristics that drive engagement:

1. Inspiration

2. Innovation

3. Play

4. Community

5. Convenience

6. Simplicity

7. Surprise

One of the best ways to drive engagement, Jantsch shares, is through the power of story.

Golden Egg

It’s all in the story

“You’ve got to find symbols and stories and metaphors that invite and allow every part of your business eco-system to embrace the strategy.” (Click to Tweet!)

The Commitment Engine,page 68

There’s nothing engaging about aloof businesses and dry corporate speak.



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