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Fear And Enterprise Social Networks | Yammer Blog

Enterprise social networks are gaining mainstream acceptance, but to some companies they still remain shrouded in mystery with “What If”s popping up like mushrooms after rain. If you are launching an enterprise social initiative, a big part of your job is going to be answering these questions and helping manage these fears. As you do so, please realize that the folks who are giving you resistance can become allies instead of impediments, and it’s up to you to turn the conversation around. It’s also important to realize that the most significant sources of fear are: loss of control and lack of understanding. You can minimize the former by underscoring that bringing things out into the open helps guide the conversation and fix the underlying problem. You can change the latter with proper education. Let’s take a closer look at how to navigate these myths, so that you can disspel them:

Myth 1: Enterprise social networks are timewasters

One of the most frequently voiced social network fears is that everyone will socialize all day and not work. One key point that I think is relevant for all social media – internal or external – is that social is a manifestation of who you already are. If you are an unproductive member of your team, at some point people will realize it, with or without a social network. If anything, social networks put you on your best behavior because… well… anything you say is preserved in writing. If you are indeed a timewaster, everyone will know it – including your boss. This is an interesting implication for employees as well as managers; employees can use this as an opportunity to showcase their expertise, while managers can find expertise.

Myth 2: People will post inappropriate content

Let’s face it – if you don’t know what’s appropriate and what isn’t, you are probably going to have a tough time in any professional situation.

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Fear and Enterprise Social Networks: - guide to dispelling myths and fears by @themaria #socbiz #e20  ^mo
– Yammer (Yammer)


Founder, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Fear And Enterprise Social Networks