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2 months ago 2 months ago 2 months ago

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“This combination of colors serves as a metaphor for multiple parts that work together to create something new" — is great So true, perfect and hilarious!! #design

haha my entire industry has been reduced to this... pretty much on point ... I should use some of this

We designers ocassionaly BS. Here are some great examples

Reminds me of former DK ECD Schnauss - RT @DavidAirey @Coudal There's a lot of out there.

Oh, there is some solid gold here. If you hear me utter any of these, shoot me dead. via @undrip

I know you've done it at least once...


DesignJargonBullshit: well, actually design jargon bullshit, collected quotes from design projects:

Design jargon bullshit

Design jargon bullshit - you'll giggle. Or cry.

Design jargon BS:

Design industry jargon bullshit LOL!

Design Jargon Bullshit #deathtobullshit

Best Tumblr Ever:

A good laugh for any designer:

@moorscreative Explaining rational decisions is fine; making up bullshit after the fact—like—isn’t, in my opinion.

"Orange has been selected as it helps reflect its values of ‘togetherness, warmth and confidence"