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Eating in Madison A to Z

We're going to eat at (almost) every restaurant in Madison, WI in alphabetical order.

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"They say Madison has the most restaurants per capita of any city in the U.S. JM likes lists and Nichole likes to eat, so we decided to eat at every restaurant in Madison in alphabetical order.

Well, maybe not every restaurant.

Here's our method: from Isthmus' (a local free weekly) "Eats" database, we print a list of restaurants beginning with each letter, and go to each place in order. When we finish a letter, we check the online listing for new places in letters we've already covered. We do go to chain restaurants, but only visit one location.

We try to hit at least one restaurant per week. To keep within our normal budget, there's no minimum order or cost. There are about 600 restaurants on the Eats list. Our goal is to complete the list circa 2012."


Focused, yet easily distracted.