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What's new in Go

Go has changed it's release naming convention from the previous practice of major.minor.bugfix nomenclature. The major version will now be the year of release (YY). The minor version n will indicate the nth release for the year. For ex: 13.2 will be the second release in 2013.


Since release 14.2, the release notes for Go are available on the website.


Added capability to create a Task plugin.

Bug fixes

Fixed a corner case issue around job reschedule. (link)

Fixed issue where SVN post-commit hook was not passing along credentials. (link)

Fixed issue with adding users via UI with a . (dot) in the username. (link)

Go Agent handles UnknownHostException by substituting host name with a generated name. (link)

Task running executables in the working directory should now be prefixed with ./ (link)

Go 13.4.1


Licence restrictions of agents and users have been removed.

Bug fixes

UI performance improvement (inlining Rails partials).

Go 13.4


Template Admin: Users in Go can now view and edit a template for which they have permissions.

Pipeline Search: Allows a user to search for a specific pipeline on the pipeline dashboard.


Pipeline Edit: Go Administrators and Pipeline Group Administrators can now navigate to edit a pipeline through a single click on the dashboard.

Performance improvements have been made for pipeline dashboard page and preferences page of Go.

Bug fixes

Parsing of NUnit (Version 2.6) XML report.

Go 13.3


External Package Repositories: Go supports external packages repositories as materials, and changes to packages in these repositories can trigger Go pipelines.


RPM installer can optionally defer starting of the Go Server upon upgrade.



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