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DWAP Productions

The End of The Beautiful Future at the Beginning of a New Year

Hey friends, family and fans,

Sorry that it has been an off and on few weeks - with the holidays and Iva’s travel back to Bulgaria, it’s been a busy few weeks. But here it is - the end of The Beautiful Future. Check it out from the beginning - here.


Don’t Lose The Beautiful Future, a Free Online Comic Every Thursday

The Magnificent new panel from The Beautiful Future talks about some of the problems of a long journey. Peep it and thanks!

And if you think about it, post this week’s panel of The Beautiful Future on your FaceBook profile using the Share buttons. Thanks!

We’ll be at APE in San Francisco this weekend - if you’re there, mention this post and get something FREE from DWAP Productions!

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Another Look at The Beautiful Future, a Free Online Comic

this panel has already been referred to as “Darkly funny. It’s getting more and more interesting. Bravo!” - Thanks Zack!

And if you dig what we’re doing on, post the link on your FaceBook - thanks!


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