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Nourish: Winter salmon pesto sandwiches

Want to know when you're blessed? When you have access to mounds of basil -- without having to buy it for $5 a bunch at the grocery story -- in February!

I'm having a record-producing year with my overwintering plants, one of which is still going gangbusters + setting out loads of spicy new leaves. Freshly-made pesto this time of year? Major yum factor.

Blend4 Tbsp basil, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 cup peas, 1 tspn olive oil, sea salt + pepper to taste. Spreadon toast. Layerw/ 3 oz canned salmon (or 1 small filet) + tomatoes.

See Jan/Feb 2012 Clean Eating for more.

P.S. Running on Cloud Nine shares an amusing reflection on opening one's tastebuds to salmon. Such a funny fish tale from that girl. ;-)

Images © Ilona Meagher | Wintertime pesto - February 2012

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