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robotfindskitten... helping robots find kittens since 1997

+-----------------------------------------------------+ | v1600005.334b | | Yet another zen simulation. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------+ | |


| |






| | | |



| | | | | +-----------------------------------------------------+ r o b o t f i n d s k i t t e n . o r g +-----------------------------------------------------+ |






| +-----------------------------------------------------+ -- finding kitten since 1997 --

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the original absurdist masterpiece...

This thing is available for just about every platform or medium that exists. Not sure what to make of it, but the source code would be fun to poke at.


Dinosaur hunter


It's a webpage, folded into the shape of a crane.

I found my next portfolio template ;-)

"helping robots find kittens since 1997"


I am interested in sustainability, energy, natural sciences, New York City, and education.