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A small place to discover more about the usage of programming languages in GitHub.

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Coding, Life in Bangkok, Web Programming, Jobs, SEO, eCommerce

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Sosyal yer imleme aracı, gündem ve haber takibi, ilginçli linklerin paylaşım ve tartışma ortamı

via GitHut - Programlama dilleri ve Github

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Visual Language activity across github


Programmer, focus on Clojure/Python/JavaScript. Longing for the world outside the wall.

RT @swannodette: The 2 top languages on GitHub are JavaScript & Java

RT @gillesbertaux: GitHut: Discover Languages In Github #dataviz

Github data shows what programming languages are most popular. The winner: JavaScript. #CSforAll
- (codeorg)

GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub

GitHut - A visualization of Programming Languages in Github #dataviz via @littleark


Web & mobile apps developer


I'm a young journalist who - in her last years at college - blogs about data journalism. Links collected with Delicious are mainly about data journalism.