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Share: Positive renewal in progress

"Rest when you're weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work." - Ralph Marston

Image © Ilona Meagher | Snow flower karma - February 2012

Could I really have left my little blog dormant since August?

On the heels of an unusual winter -- one of little precip or much cold even -- overnight we had a really pretty snowfall. It's draped a clean white canvas over the dreary and gray pre-springtime grass and flower burst we're all pining for right about now.

It's a heavy, icy, slushy kind of snow.

After a good solid 50-minute shoveling workout, I took my camera out and shot a series of 'snow flower karma' photos. A good way to celebrate the refreshing whiteness all around us, and continue to enjoy some of the flowers my husband surprised me with earlier in the week.

While things have been quiet here these months, I've continued writing, photographing my reach of the world and all of its marvels, and am working as a master naturalist intern in local prairies and preserves.

My running and yoga and hiking and all else continues.

Dusting off things here today feels good. (As much as I enjoy not having the pressure or crush of -- or feel the same rush I used to get from -- blogging, I *do* enjoy coming back to it.)

But, being unplugged is delicious. Striking a balance, breathing in life, being in the moment, and simply enjoying the hum of things is such a gift to have the ability to do these days. I'm selfish with my time, and don't always want to stare at a screen to share things online.

And that's OK. It's always here when I'm ready to slide back in.

In this hyper-mediated world we find ourselves transfixed in, we all need to unplug occasionally (or more-so when you feel you need it).

Remember: You deserve to renew yourself, too. Enjoy today.

Grow in new and enlivening directions.

Embrace change.


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