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Lextant - when you need to know

LextantWHO is a user-type segmentation that is based on understanding aspirations, motivations, attitudes and behaviors around a category. It identifies the fundamental similarities & differences between groups of people to facilitate focused planning, strategy, and development.

Understand why people do what they do.

Retrospective Ethnography is a research approach that uncovers the “why” behind people’s behavior by identifying what people say and how they feel about the definitive moments they have with a product, service or environment.

Understand the desired customer experience [DCE].

Connect.Dream.Create is a research approach that gets at what really matters to people. It is a process that allows people to imagine an ideal future and link your brand promise to design attributes.

Demand research that actually makes an impact.

Insight Translation™ is a process that transforms complex data into clear and succinct stories that can inspire an entire organization. Insight Translation™ focuses on the insights that matter and communicates them in an engaging, thoughtful way.

Move your team in the right direction.

An Opportunity Workshop is a structured process that identifies viable design opportunities by matching the organizations capabilities to what their customers want. Where simple brainstorming falls short, an Opportunity Workshop generates a road map of opportunities, aligning development teams around the best path forward.

Learn how to have crucial conversations with your customer.

For companies who want to grow their ability to understand their customer, LextantU provides hands-on training in the fundamentals of experience -centered research and design.

Envision what to design and how to build it.

When you start with a solid understanding of the user experience, even the most complex system can be easy to use.

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