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Links 1 through 10 of 49 I Made Agus Wiguna's Bookmarks

Green view mountain cycling be captivated with this unique and fascinating look into Balinese Village and rural life  on this easy downhill ride. Start at Mountain Batur Volcano over looking Bali's stunning Kintamani lake then cycle down through 35km of ancient Hindu Villages, Temple, Ceremonial site, Rice field and secret garden . Where sampling exotic fruits and spices from their natural are part of the touring experience. This routes take way with green route and one way to elephant safari park lodge  Taro - Ubud and finish point in Ubud (the best city in Asia zoo) for lunch and aching muscle in the nice swimming pool at Ubud, we guarantee that, this unforgettable adventure concludes your vacation and will make you went to return to what world traveler refer to as.

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Villa DalemOne of Ubud's freshest and most smartly designed tropical villas, this fantastic new property is located just 2 km north of Ubud Center and is situated overlooking a pristine rice field and. The space has been brilliantly laid out and the center of the house is open to an amazing view, yet still secure and private. This villa has been decorated with high quality furniture and comes complete with pool, indoor dining area, a genuine gourmet kitchen.

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We will currently add $10 to your VirtaPay balance for every person who follows your referral link and joins VirtaPay. Here's your personal referral link:

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Pelangi Bali Mountain Cycling is the gate for treveler who seek to explore Bali Countryside and wish to be first hand witness of the daily life of the village rice farmers and craftmen

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Welcome to the exciting world of traveling. Whether you are a client, seasoned traveler or a first timer, we hope you find something of interest in our site.

You are planning to visit the island of Bali, you definitely made a good choice on that, as Bali has something that you cannot find in most other tourist destinations. Despite having welcomed foreign people from all over the world for over a century, the island and its people haven’t changed their way of living, their habits, and their culture.

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Mawar Homestay is a peaceful oasis in the garden of Ubud,its take 1 hours from the bali
international airport,only 15 minutes walk from Monkey Forest and 5 minutes walk from Ubud
Center,Ubud Traditional Market and Ubud Palace. An ideally stay with a Balinese Family compound in the hearth of Ubud. The homestay design in the houses of Balinesse,build with love and culture.

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The village of Lodtunduh, located 7 minutes away from Ubud, remains a traditional rice farming and carving village. The people are very friendly and all our workers are from the village. They have plenty to give us and will often ask you to share their food and festivals. Our mini-village is entered from one of the Lodtunduh streets through the local farmers yard on what was previously rather underutilized land passed through on the way to the rice fields and the river. The locals continue to pass through on their chores and it will continue to amaze you as to how many little tasks go to make up the local eco-culture - Hindu ceremonies, offerings, catching eels, rounding up ducks, grazing cows and pigs, picking plants for food and fuel, catching dragonflies, flying kites. Much of the action is seasonal. Remember the Balinese use a lunar calendar and the full and dark moons have strong presence.

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Indonesian traditional wood carving, unique turtle statue, handmade house decoration. Wood turtle statue for house decoration. Indonesian traditional wood carving. Balinese handicraft.

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Miho Salon and Spa are located in border of Kedewaatan village near from Ubud with unique arsitektur and buildings are different from the others spa. Otherwise " Miho" inspired by Japanese beautiful girl.

Discover the beauty secrets of Royal Palace of Indonesia that have been handed down for generations and play significant role in the Indonesian people in villages and cities.

Balinese massage uses a combination of techniques using pressure points, long strokes and a squeezing of the muscle method with scented massage oil. Learn how to make and use Indonesian traditional body scrubs, wraps, facials and hair treatments.

Spa treatments are based upon traditionally used methods that we have been researched and the massage training are conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

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