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Links 1 through 8 of 8 by Michael Boyle tagged art

Theodore Watson is an artist, designer and experimenter whose work is born out of the curiosity and excitement of designing experiences that come alive and invite people to play. Theodore’s work ranges from creating new tools for artistic expression, experimental musical systems, to immersive, interactive environments with full-body interaction. His recent work includes the Graffiti Research Lab's Laser Tag, laser graffiti system and Funky Forest, an immersive interactive ecosystem for young children. Theodore works together with Zachary Lieberman on openFrameworks, which is an open source library for writing creative code in C++.

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touched echo is a minimal medial intervention in public space. The visitors of the Brühl's Terrace (Dresden, Germany) are taken back in time to the night of the terrible air raid on 13th February 1945. In their role as a performer they put themselves into the place of the people who shut their ears away from the noise of the explosions. While leaning on the balustrade the sound of airplanes and explosions is transmitted from the swinging balustrade through their arm directly into into the inner ear (bone conduction).

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Every night from the 22 to the 29 of February 2008, the vapour emissions of he Salmisaari power plant in Helsinki will be illuminated to show the current levels of electricity consumption by local residents. A laser ray will trace the cloud during the night time and turn it into a city scale neon sign. Nuage Vert is a communal event for the area of Ruoholahti, which anticipates esoteric cults centred on energy and transforms an active power plant into a space for art, a living factory. In tandem, as a reversal of conventional roles whereby the post-industrial factory is turned into space for culture, Kaapeli (the cultural factory) becomes the site of operation and Salmisaari (the industrious factory) becomes the site of spectacle.

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TheGreenEyl: Richard The, Gunnar Green, Frédéric Eyl and Willy Sengewald have been working collectively since 2003. They aim to explore the dynamics of unconventional interaction between people, their environment, and technology. With the unrestrained blend of various design-techniques, they purposefully escape any attempt of categorizing their work. And ever take you by surprise.

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The Image Fulgurator is a device for physically manipulating photographs. It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible on the photo afterwards.

In principle, the Fulgurator can be used anywhere where there is another camera nearby that is being used with a flash. It operates via a kind of reactive flash projection that enables an image to be projected on an object exactly at the moment when someone else is photographing it. The intervention is unobtrusive because it takes only a few milliseconds. Every photo another photographer takes of an object at which the Fulgurator is also aimed is affected by the manipulation. Hence visual information can be smuggled unnoticed into the images of others.

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It was produced, Benjamin wrote, in the effort to describe a theory of art that would be "useful for the formulation of revolutionary demands in the politics of art". In the absence of any traditional, ritualistic value, art in the age of mechanical reproduction would inherently be based on the practice of politics. It is the most frequently cited of Benjamin's essays.

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The idea of tranzit was conceived at the end of 2001 and implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2002, and in Austria in 2004, in response to what was generally understood as structural crisis in our cultural and socio-political situation in contemporary Europe. The end of the confrontation of systems between East and West triggered a multitude of projections. In the beginning of the 1990s, it seemed as if in pluralistic democracy and capitalism we had finally found what we had been seeking in political experiments for centuries. But the end of the West-East conflict was shadowed by another development: the globalisation of production and markets, finances and corporations, communications systems and culture industries.

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