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Username: stephentall

Name: Stephen Tall

Joined: 08 Dec 2012

Profile Info

Links 1 through 10 of 4323 Stephen Tall's Bookmarks

The editor of the most-read British newspaper on its success

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23% of Brits reckon Daily Mash / Onion are "fake news" sites which should be banned from social media

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Good sense from Guido on encryption - and yes, you read that right

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Well worth a read from @DTWillingham: "To the parents of children who stare at my disabled daughter"

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Excellent from Helen Lewis on "privilege" & why it can be a self-defeating term (generalisations offend individuals)

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“I used to be homeless see. So I photographed every doorway I ever slept in.”

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“The Guardian now has the financial support of more than 200k members” < if a political party, Gdn wd be 2nd biggest

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AKA: why folk in affluent areas support grammars > "Grammar schools: why academic selection only benefits affluent"

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Sensible stuff from @TorstenBell: Reforming NICs might not be popular in W'minster - but it is the right thing to do

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“Lib Dem shares look underpriced. Time to buy some,” advises @edwardlucas:

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