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An interesting website where writers can create pay-per-view passive income (Paid to Paypal).

Articles of video, audio or writing can be made. Bukisa limit you to 25 article submissions per day. Revenue is calculated on the performance of each article. 1000 page views will earn you the value of Bukisa Index (which is calculated monthly and currently sitting around US$4).

Unlike most of these sites it's available to people anywhere in the world.

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Manuscripts should be sent electronically (Microsoft Word) and addressed to Include your contact information. Send photos AFTER acceptance. Contact details on first page. Since ours is not the usual travel website, writers are strongly encouraged to review articles on our website for style and content. Response in 1-2 weeks if we are interested. If no response, submit it to other publications. Transitions Abroad is always looking for experienced (published) writers to become regular contributors, columnists, or contributing editors. For publication in Transitions Abroad's website and webzine, payment is on acceptance, ranging from $50 to $100. Payment for first-time submissions follows the schedule below and is made via check or PayPal: * $100 for 1500+ words of edited text (all text including sidebars). * $75 for 1000-1499 words of edited text * $50 for 500-999 words of edited text

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We will pay you to:
- describe places in Europe, the places that you believe the rest of us would love to come across and discover during a visit to France or elsewhere in Europe, or perhaps those we should avoid

We are looking for articles of 500-1000 words. These should also include a photo if possible, if describing a destination.

The article should be written in a friendly, informal way. See our article about La Palmyre for a recent example.
We can pay 10 euros (8 pounds) per article or more for a longer or more extensive article.
So spend tomorrow writing 5 articles about your 5 closest towns (or places you recently visited on holiday) and we will pay 50 euros. Why not have a day out, visit a few local towns and villages, go for lunch - then come home and write about the places you visited...

Please check with us before you start writing. Paid by PayPal or Cheque.

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Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!