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Links 1 through 8 of 8 by Angela Alcorn tagged Time-Management

Jo Parfitt - "As I write this, my messy desk is groaning under piles of paper. My computer screen is necklaced with Post-It notes. It is raining outside. I am hungry. I spent a whole day out with a friend and now have to cram an entire working day, a blog post and this article into one remaining hour before supper. I have no idea if this piece will be any good or not. I have tried to focus, but then I did have so much I could have said. But, the thing is, I wrote it. And then I pressed SEND."

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"The moment I have an idea for an article, instead of just jotting it down as a phrase, I open a blank document and create the title, any subheadings that come to mind, and at least one paragraph, forming the “stub” of a full article. I find it much easier to continue later with some copy on the page than none. With the stub in place, the article on some level already exists; the rest is just detail. I’m never starting cold."

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1. Whether you’re in high school, or college — matters not. It’s often hard to get ourselves to study. Set the timer for a good 30 minutes and study until it goes off. Just do it. It can help you get an A. You might even learn something new.

2. Have a big term paper coming up? Why not invest a chunk of time each day working on it so that you can finish without stress. Start the timer now.

3. Do you need to be out the door in 15 minutes, otherwise you’ll be late? Go ahead and start the timer. When it sounds… get a move on!

4. Do you have a pigsty like I do? Siphon off 20 minutes dedicated to cleaning. I’ll do it with you. Together we’ll make a real dent getting our places sparkling clean. It feels good!

5. Got a cup of tea brewing? Brew it to your specifications. Baking a pie? You’ll know when it’s ready.

6. Want to take a break from work? You could set the timer for an agreed amount of time and get back to work when you hear the sounding of the gongs.

... and more ideas.

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"He taught me 'the standard pace is for chumps' - that the system is designed so anyone can keep up. If you're more driven than 'just anyone' - you can do so much more than anyone expects. And this applies to ALL of life - not just school.

Then, as he suggested, I bought the course materials for other required classes and taught myself, doing the homework on my own time, then went to the department head and took the final exam, getting full credit for the course."

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