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Links 1 through 9 of 9 by sarah hartley tagged presentation

Stop listening to Newspaper people.

We have had nearly 15 years to figure out the Web and as an industry we newspaper people are no good at it. No good at it at all.

Want to get good at it?

Then stop listening to the Newspaper people and start listening to the rest of the world.

And, I would point out, as we have done at JRC – put the Digital people in charge – of everything.

Find new voices and let them push you around.

We have established an Advisory Board to do just that.

Jarvis, Rosen, Bell and Morgan push us hard on our thinking and we are the better for it.

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Slideshare presentation which provides good summary of hyperlocal publishing to date.

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Some useful points from Caroline Beavon

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For those who couldn't make it - or those who could, but had to sit through the Keynote hell I unleashed - here's the presentation as it SHOULD have appeared...
Podcasting, Vodcasting and Mobile Journalism

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But I’d argue that even the product described above would be far more powerful to an online audience than the Post’s platform-ignorant, beautifully written 8,000 word narrative. It would reach more people. It would serve the public better.

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Steven Berlin Johnson's full speech from SXSW. Will surely become essential reading so thanks to him for blogging it so soon. "But most of what we care about in our local experience lives in the long tail. We’ve never thought of it as a failing of the newspaper that its metro section didn’t report on a deli closing, because it wasn’t even conceivable that a big centralized paper could cover an event with such a small radius of interest. But of course, that’s what the web can do."

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