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Username: rocktravel

Name: Rock Travel

Joined: 24 Oct 2016

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Going Camping? Make Sure You Follow These Dynamite Tips First! Camping is a popular pastime with many families. It’s a nice way to experience the great outdoors and get “back to basics” in life. Some people dread the thought of sleeping in a tent with other people. But, as with anything in life, the

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Preparing your house for letting when traveling When preparing a house for letting there are many things to organise. Not only does the property need to be well presented for viewings, there are many other details that also need attending to. Here is an overview of some of the most important factors

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Save Money While Travelling Abroad Here are some simple tips to save money while travelling abroad. Put that money towards having more fun by a few simple tips. When planning a trip overseas, consider an easy and inexpensive option for staying in touch with friends and family. Combine a device that

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Taake an Action Holiday this Summer Some people cannot just settle for sitting on the beaches and sightseeing for holidays, rather they venture to try out some fun activities to help them unwind from their daily tight schedules. If you feel that, you desire a different kind of holiday this summer, t

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Villa Holidays vs Package Holidays: Which is Better? The majority of people have been on a package holiday at some point, and villa holidays seem to get forgotten about. Villa holidays are definitely worth considering if you want a relaxing holiday, so why don’t more people opt for them over package

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Holiday Theft Doesn’t Have to Be a Reality. Read these Top Tips Though holidays can be a wonderful thing, holiday theft, can be an uncomfortable reality that you might have to deal with should you decide to go abroad. A problem that afflicts many unsuspecting holidaymakers, holiday theft can be prev

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7 Top Places To Go Backpacking In Australia Backpacking in Australia is at the top of many bucket lists. Here is our take on the top 7 places to go backpacking in Australia: Sydney Sydney can be the first stop if you have started your backpack tour. For many, the first sight of the Opera […] The po

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Aboriginal Events of Australia The aborigines of Australia celebrate as well as share their culture through several colorful contemporary and traditional festivals through the year. Some of the Aboriginal Events of Australia:  Yabun Festival Yabun Festival in Sydney, New South Wales, is the largest

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Get a Taste of the Outback When Visiting Australia Australia is a continent of extremes and there’s so much to see and do there that it’s hard to know where to begin. The Australian outback is the extreme of the extremes. Many travellers head for the bright lights of the East Coast, where the majori

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How to Have an Amazing Time in New Zealand This Summer If you’re looking for a cultural experience like no other this year, then have you considered the spectacular islands of New Zealand? This country is one of the most visited places in the world from backpackers to family vacationers, not least b

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