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Username: robinsjackusa

Name: Robin Jack

Joined: 12 Feb 2017

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The world of blogging is one big roller coaster, isn’t it? You have those who start a blog and eventually abandon it. Then there are those who earn a few bucks each month, so they keep going. Finally, there are people who are constantly defining and improving the way we approach blogging as a busin

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Facebook Timeline’s new design was probably the biggest upgrade in Facebook’s history. The new design has many cool features and ensures you put the best impression on your profile. If you like the Facebook Timeline, then I can help you get more out of it with some handy Facebook Timeline tips and

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There’s no shortage of free vector websites to help designers find quality scalable graphics. But there’s a resource, Vecteezy, that just took this a step further with their own in-browser vector editing tool. With the Vecteezy Editor, you can build any vector you want right from your web browser—

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In 2016, Samsung managed to land itself in hot soup due to the catastrophic failure of the Note 7. Widely considered to be one of the biggest scandals in the tech industry, Samsung’s good reputation took a beating over the Note 7’s failures. Now, with the Korean company officially launching the Gal

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Those of you who own iOS 10 device would be pleased to know that Apple has finally released the iOS 10.3 update. As there are quite a number of changes in the newly-released iOS 10.3, here’s a rundown of all of the changes that you can expect in the latest version of iOS. 40 Awesome iMessages

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It is a well-known fact that one of the best ways to engage users on your website and gather significant user insights, is through polls, forms and surveys. For websites built on the WordPress platform, there is an abundance of free plugins you can take advantage of. 10 WordPress Plugins To E

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Android O, Google’s next iteration of the Android operating system, is finally available in Developer Preview form. As with all new iterations of Android, Android O will bring with it a whole bunch of new features for the operating system. For those of you who are reluctant or unable to install th

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Mac: Multi-monitor setups are particularly useful if you’re the type who multitasks on a regular basis. However, there are some times where having multiple monitors can be more of a distraction instead. If you’re a Mac user who would like an app that would allow you to blackout the monitors in you

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Similar to other browsers, Opera also comes with experimental features that can enhance your browsing experience. Whether you are looking to speed up browsing, enhance security or just want to tweak the user interface, you should be able to find an Opera flag that can help with it. 10 Reasons

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Blogging can provide a good income stream once you’re established but for many people just getting started, money is tight. If you fall into the empty pockets crowd, don’t worry, you can still put together a professional blog that will get you off to a good start. Here’s how. Don’t Bother with The

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