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Links 1 through 10 of 11 by Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) tagged Expedition Medicine Courses

'TREC' (Travel Health Related Education and Care) courses are designed for registered health care professionals who are either new to the field of Travel Health Care or wishing to update and expand their current knowledge.

TREC was established in 2000 and is accredited as an approved travel health education provider by the Royal College of Nursing.

The courses were developed in response to the interest in, and need for accessible travel-health care, education and vaccine information. To date, over 3000 nurses and doctors have attended training events. We have received very positive feedback from previous students and strive to maintain our reputation for providing friendly but informative education.

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This is a blended e-Learning course. This course takes six months to complete and commences May and November each year. It includes:

Completion of 4 distance learning Units of core material with written assignments including:

- Pre-travel Risk Assessment and Infections I
- Infections II
- Immunisation theory, practice and available vaccines
- Malaria

Attendance of a (compulsory) 2 day residential component in Glasgow at the beginning.

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The Medicine in the Wild course is a 26-day expedition for 3rd or 4th year medical students focusing on: wilderness medicine, expedition skills, effective medical education and leadership.

The Medicine in the Wild course has four primary objectives:

1. Proficiency in wilderness medicine
2. Understanding peer leadership and teamwork skills
3. Competency in wilderness travel and living skills
4. Knowledge of medical education techniques

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Programme overview:
Providing clinical care in remote locations has its own unique challenges and requires specialist knowledge and skills. This course delivered online at a distance, provides an opportunity for practising remote health professionals to gain a postgraduate qualification in this emerging specialty.

Programme aims:
The main aim of the programme is to provide health professionals working in remote, and in some instances potentially hazardous, locations the knowledge and skills to operate effectively in this environment using an evidence based approach.

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The Trust offer a number of subsidised 3-day Alpine courses in Chamonix, co-ordinated by Plas y Brenin and the Mountain Training Trust. The intention is to provide a top class introduction to Alpine mountaineering at the lowest posssible cost. This is an introduction to basic considerations, like use of equipment, glacier travel, crevasse rescue.

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The research Charity Medical Expeditions promotes better understanding of altitide related illness. They offer a number of specialist expedition medicine courses.

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Designed for 3rd and 4th year medical students, residents, and allied health profession students from accredited schools, this elective provides four weeks of instruction including:

• Small group discussions of wilderness scenarios
• Formal lectures of Wilderness Medicine principles and specific topics by leaders in the field
• Field and hands-on instruction in survival and pre-hospital patient assessment and evacuation
• Supervised five-day field-practicum incorporating medical assessment, treatment, evacuation, survival and improvisational techniques.
• 48 hour Wilderness First Responder Course
• Eligibility to sit for the Wilderness First Responder National Registry Examination (as applicable in home state)

All this and more in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee!

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Expedition Wise Ltd specializes in organizing charity challenges, pre-expedition training weekends, first aid training, event medical cover, consultancy and support for individuals and charities. Training courses include Low to Mid Altitude Trekking Training weekends, High Altitude Trekking Training weekends, Basic Navigation Training weekends and Advanced Navigation Training weekends. Expedition Wise Medicine consultants provide a wide range of services for companies, charities and other organisations working overseas running expeditions, charity challenges, television productions etc.

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Frontline Medical Services organise four-day courses for medical professionals who wish to undertake the role of medical officer on expeditions to remote areas. Courses are suitable for doctors, nurses, dentists and paramedics. The aim is to provide training on all aspects of expedition medicine with emphasis on pre-trip planning, casualty management and casualty evacuation. Instructors have backgrounds in medicine, pre-hospital care, rescue and expedition management. Specialist vehicle extrication is provided by Strathclyde Fire Brigade and a full day of outdoor casualty scenarios and rescue training is provided by Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team.

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Are a provider of Health & Safety Basic Life Support training as well as basic and advanced expedition medicine through the Expedition Care Program. ECP modules are flexible and cater for medically and non-medically qualified personnel. Modules last from 4 hours to four days. Courses include one day Explorer Medicine courses, 2 day Venturer and Exploration Medicine courses, 2 day Advanced Explorer courses and 2 day ECP Medic courses.

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