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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Rax Lakhani tagged reviews

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BiteScore is a tiny app that tells you the health rating of a restaurant you visit on the web. After installing it, you can visit Zagat or another review site and see the score right there. Want to know if your favorite Greek place has mice? Bang. Right there. Want to know if that sushi place sometimes serves “imitation” eel? Boom. BiteScore.

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There’s been much discussion lately about the truthfulness of posts on review websites and the potential impact fake reviews can have on an organisation’s reputation. We all know Google operates as a shop window for many businesses and the impact reviews and WOM can have on purchasing decisions, but how can you be sure the review, either good or bad (there is evidence to suggest bad reviews can lead to increased purchases) is genuine?

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A recent newspaper investigation uncovered evidence that companies are paying agencies to create false online reviews for their services. But what those companies may not realise is that this is illegal and could ruin their businesses.

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Social intelligence – our ability to understand and learn from each other and profit from social situations – is a universal trait, but how we use our social intelligence may be culturally variable.  Some new research from Lightspeed Research (online research panel) has found that US consumers trust online reviews from friends and family over professional reviews and consumer reviews.  In the UK, it’s the other way around, Brits prefer to trust professional reviews and consumer reviews over friends and family.

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84% of consumers said they were more likely to check online for reviews prior to making a purchase compared to twelve months ago, according to a recent survey by Brand Reputation.

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